International Child Development Initiatives

Welcome to the website of International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI). We are a knowledge organization in psychosocial development of children and young people growing up in difficult circumstances. ICDI believes in the power of children and young people, supporting their rights and addressing the underlying causes for the problems they face. We invite you to discover more about our work!

Make sure you know the names and faces of the children you work for. In the end, that’s what ICDI is all about.

Merian (14)

ICDI provided international expertise, networking and training, and as a result many villages in Pakistan are becoming child marriage free.

Saleem Malik, director of Bedari
Local partner, Pakistan

All girls are valuable. Their development is the future.

Anke Vervoord
Board member of ICDI and director of Vrouwen van Nu, Netherlands

Let’s do it together

To realize our dream of ‘a happy life for all children’ we want and need to work together with others who share our passion and professionalism. ICDI is always looking to build new partnerships.


At ICDI we believe in the power of cooperation. In partnership with other organizations we develop and implement projects that promote children’s well-being. Are you a local or international child rights organization? ICDI can support you through training, research and advice.


ICDI is a vibrant organization, constantly developing innovative initiatives that improve the well-being of children growing up in difficult circumstances. We need your support to turn our ideas into reality, scaling them up and making a difference.

We encourage you to contact us!