BLOG: Bangladesh visit – Child Marriage programme

After intense preparation and desk research we, Giulia Cortellesi and Asia Koerten, finally get to visit the local organization called Dalit NGO, our HER CHOICE partner in Bangladesh. The name of the organization, Dalit actually means oppressed and is the self-chosen name of communities that are considered ‘ untouchable’ according to the caste system in South Asia. HER CHOICE is a five year programme that will fight child marriage among Dalit communities around Khulna. This was our introductory meeting to Dalit. 

After two days mostly stuck in traffic in the capital, Dhaka, but also managing to have time for  strategy meetings with the Dutch Embassy and the Hunger Project Bangladesh, we take a short internal flight which brings us to Khulna. Despite the fact that Khulna has a population of 4.5 million people, the city is a very welcome change to the crowds and chaos of Dhaka. The office of Dalit is a little oasis of green and quietness. 

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