Child researchers living in the asylum centre Burgum have earned their certificates!

On October 11th, ICDIs Mathijs Euwema and Rutger van Oudenhoven were happy to hand out certificates to Reno, Hayder, Parisa, Monica and Seyawash, who over the summer proved to be serious Child Researchers.

After receiving training from ICDI and with a lot of support and guidance from staff and interns of de Vrolijkheid they set out to do research into matters that concern them and their surroundings.

Monica and Seyawash chose to investigate bullying amongst children at the Asylum Centre, while Hayder, Parisa, and Reno wanted to explore how the Nest Centre, an after school facility for 6 to 12 year old children, could be improved.

In the past months the children made and handed out surveys, conducted interviews and organized meetings at schools to tell about their research.

In doing so, they learned what research is all about, overcame shyness and fear, and realized that they can have a genuine say in what goes on in their lives. Click here to read more about the project.