Child Safeguarding Workshop by ICDI

In November, ICDI facilitated a two-day workshop on Child Safeguarding for organisations working in International Alert’s Safe to Learn project in Lebanon. The #SafetoLearn project aims to #ENDviolence against children in their learning environments.

The main topics addressed in the workshop were:

  • Organizational standards for child safeguarding and how to apply them
  • The role of risk management in child safeguarding.
  • Child and youth participation in developing child (friendly) protection policies

On the first day of the workshop the organisations worked on a self-assessment exercise regarding ‘Keeping Children Safe’ standards and did a risk assessment of the project’s activities to decide on priorities and next steps.

On the second day of the workshop, we worked on developing key messages for children about child protection policies and how to convey them to children in different age groups.  At the end of the workshop, the organisations worked on concrete action plans to make the project safe for children.

What comes next?

ICDI will support the partners further with developing their child safeguarding policies and measures. We will also provide recommendations for monitoring of the safeguarding process of the project and a follow up training*.

*International Alert gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided for this programme by the End Violence Fund.