Children in Ukraine investigate how child rights are respected

ICDI’s Rutger van Oudenhoven and Mathijs Euwema were present at the final round table/seminar of the project A New Home, in Kiev, Ukraine on November 29th. This 2 year (2016-2018) project focused on introducing new approaches to the psychosocial support of children displaced by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Inspired by ICDI’s Children as Researchers method internally displaced children and local children in different locations in Ukraine formed teams which investigated how child rights are respected (or not respected) and where children can go to get support. The teams presented the results at the final seminar in Kiev. The A New Home Project was implemented by Labour and Health Social Initiatives (LHSI) and ICDI with financial support of the EU.

The overall objective from the A New Home project is to promote and strengthen the involvement of civil society organisations in broader rehabilitation and reintegration programmes to provide recovery and psychological assistance for children affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.