Children’s Research Group in Asylum Centre Burgum prepared first surveys !

ICDI’s Mathijs Euwema and Rutger van Oudenhoven, together with Stichting De Vrolijkheid, gave the Second Training of two training sessions to the Children’s Research Group in the asylum centre in Burgum. Despite it being a Friday afternoon, 5 children were present and spent 3 hours with us preparing their research.

During the second training, five enthusiastic kids between the ages of 10 and 13, two girls and three boys and now organized in two teams, have formulated their research questions and prepared the first surveys which will be administered amongst their peers and significant adults.

We also had our first practices with open interviewing, and learnt about ethical standards and behavior while doing research.

We look forward to receiving the results and in a few weeks’ time, to the research presentations the children will hold to a wider audience.

Children have long been the ‘objects’ of research, but research by children as ‘active participants’ is relatively new. Research with and by children recognises that children are experts on their lives and that their experiences and opinions are different to adults. It acknowledges children’s right to be heard and their views to be taken seriously. 

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