Climate Action: Talking to children about climate change

As COP28 begins today in Dubai, world leaders are under pressure to take action against climate change. It is likely that this will be in the news in the coming days.  But what is the best way to talk to children about the climate crisis?

An important part of ICDI’s work is to advise professionals working with children about issues that impact on their lives. In the second article in the ‘How Children’s Lives Are Being Affected By Climate Change Series‘ ICDI’s Enid McLean explains why it is important to talk about climate changes with children of all ages and how we might go about having these conversations. Read the full article here.

Talking to children about climate change

Imagine yourself as a child, filled with curiosity and excitement for the future. We want the same for today’s generation of children and young people, but their future is undoubtedly linked to a world grappling with the climate crisis. While it is tempting to protect them from this harsh reality, we need to remember that they will experience the consequences of climate change worse than any of us.

A recent report from the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations, reveals that we are nowhere near our climate goals. At our current rate, the repercussions of climate change will be devastating and wide-ranging.

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