Hooglandse Kerkgracht 17-F
2312 HS Leiden
The Netherlands

Tel:  +31 71 5127420        

Chamber of commerce number: 41169161 

Fiscal number: 8029.84.216


We are happy for you to visit us in our office, which is located in a beautiful historic building in the centre of Leiden, the Child Rights Home of the Netherlands. You can read more about the history of the building below.

Please, follow this link for directions. 


Child Rights Home

The offices of ICDI are located in a historic building that once functioned as an orphanage.  It was founded in 1593, as a response to the ever-increasing number of orphans and neglected children, and it closed its doors only during the 1960s. In 1994, ICDI chose this location for its offices to underline the importance of the history of community-care for children and youth at risk, and to have its activities inspired by the lives of the many children and young people who lived, played, worked, and suffered here. We have always felt that the ‘Weeshuis' (orphanage) should stay true to its original function and remain a centre for action for children in difficult circumstances.

As of May 2010 the renovated orphanage has re-opened as Kinderrechtenhuis Nederland (Child Rights Home Netherlands). Besides ICDI, several other organisations working with and for children and young people have their offices in the building. Please see for more information.