Gaza: the cycle of violence against innocent people needs to stop. NOW!

One month has already passed since Hamas terrorist attacks that killed at least 1300 Israelis and the beginning of the latest conflict between Israel and Gaza. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad still hold more than 242 soldiers and civilians hostage. The Israeli military response to the attack has been unprecedented, targeting the civilian population in Gaza and already killing more than 10.000 Palestinians, of which 4.000 are children.

The heads of 18 UN agencies called on Israel to implement an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire[1].

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres described what is happening in Gaza as a “graveyard for children.” Hundreds of girls and boys are being killed or injured on a daily basis. Guterres emphasizes a clear path forward: an immediate humanitarian ceasefire and the strict adherence to international humanitarian law by all parties involved.

Jan Egeland, the Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, has underscored the unprecedented number of children who have lost their lives in Gaza, saying that the scale of this tragedy surpasses recent conflicts and demands urgent attention[2].

Humanitarian organisations consistently highlight the critical shortages of water, food, fuel, medical supplies, and even body bags in Gaza. The UN has issued dire warnings that people, especially young children, are at risk of succumbing to severe dehydration. Entire neighbourhoods have been destroyed, leaving Palestinian families with nowhere to seek refuge.

ICDI joins War Child and 692 other organisations to call for an immediate cease-fire to allow the civilian population to receive the help they need. The severe suffering of young children and their caregivers must STOP.  Read the full statement here.

As a member of the ISSA network, ICDI also joins and supports the appeal against violence and destruction in Gaza, issued by the Moving Minds Alliance, the Palestinian Network of ECD, the Tunisian Network for ECD, ECPC, ISSA, ANECD, ARNEC, AFECN and ECDAN.We demand that all involved parties uphold international legal conventions, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Geneva Convention. Humanitarian assistance, especially for young children and their caregivers, must be delivered promptly. Every child, regardless of their location, has an undeniable right to protection, good health, adequate nutrition, safety, and security. Read the full statement here.

The Israel war with Hamas has plunged us into a severe humanitarian catastrophe, and the world can no longer delay in taking action. It is a collective responsibility to speak out. Silence is not an option.

The bombing of Gaza must come to an immediate end. It is imperative that politicians prioritize the preservation of human life above all else.

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