How to deal with bullying? Ask the child! Research report with children

Bullying in schools happens everywhere. Although children are always affected their perspective is rarely present in anti-bullying programmes. Yet, children are the perpetrators, the victims and the witnesses of bullying. They instigate the process and they suffer from it. They initiate it but they are also the ones who benefit most when bullying at school is minimised. With this in mind it is clear that their expertise on the subject cannot be ignored. This study tried to focus exactly on the children’s expertise and perspective on bullying. (download the study report)

ICDI is the Dutch partner in a EU-funded project focused on early intervention and prevention of bullying. Respectful listening to children and taking into account children’s voices in designing child-centered and child-participatory interventions and policies are key in this project. (download the study report)

Project activities are centered alongside several thematic areas: provision of space for school children to share their views on bullying, violence and safety at school; raising teachers’ capacity for recognizing early signs of bullying and intervening effectively in school settings; raising stakeholders’ capacity for early identification and prevention of bullying in the communities; evaluation of anti-bullying policies in the seven participating EU countries and recommendations for their improvement.(download the study report)

The consortium is led by the Bulgarian Animus Association. More information about the project: click here. The report has been written by Iordan Iossifov.