ICDI Annual Report 2016: The Story Continues…!

Nowadays much is made of data. Children everywhere are exposed to tests from birth up to adulthood. Statisticians study enormous amounts of data to say something on children’s health and cognitive development. 

Through the piles of reports that are produced we sometimes can’t see the kids anymore. We need to realize something: children’s lives are not fragmented sets of data. Children’s lives are more like stories, each one unique and valuable and interesting of its own accord.

At ICDI we like to read, tell and sometimes, in some small way, help write those stories. It’s not that we think numbers are meaningless. We don’t, we also collect such information. But it is definitely not what we are most interested in.

Our work contributes to children’s real life stories in a positive way. That’s
why we started our own story 23 years ago, and that’s what we hopefully will continue to do for many more years to come. In this annual report we therefore share stories. Those of ourselves, of people we work with and – most importantly- of children. Click here to read it!