ICDI in Ukraine for psychosocial support to internally displaced children and youth

This week ICDI’s Mathijs Euwema and Remi Goossens are training social workers to support them in their work with children and young people who have fled for the war in the East of the country. This training is part of an EU funded project called A New Home (2016-2018), which strengthens the involvement of civil society organisations in providing psychosocial assistance to internally displaced children affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. ICDI implements this project together with Ukrainian organisation LHSI.

As a result of armed conflict, children can become anxious, withdrawn, or aggressive. To strengthen their resilience, the project will provide children and young people (and most vulnerable families) with psychosocial support and implement activities to promote integration in their local host communities.

The training by ICDI, which will involve around 50 participants that work with thousands of children, is focusing on how to promote healthy psychosocial development through preventative programmes that foster resilience, child and youth participation and community integration. The training is very practice oriented and will give the social workers tools they can use in their direct work and communication with children and young people.