ICDI provides pedagogical support to young Roma children in Romania

ICDI provides pedagogical support to “Ready Set Go!” – Increasing Early Childhood Development Outcomes for Roma Children in Romania

Operating in 11 localities in six counties in Romania, the project “Ready Set Go!” reaches over 1000 children under age six and approximately 1000 parents. It aims to improve access to quality early childhood services for disadvantaged Roma children living in some of Romania’s most poorest communities. “Ready Set Go!” integrates training and ongoing mentoring of early childhood practitioners to ensure quality services like community-based toy libraries, early childhood focussed community events; active involvement of parents in kindergartens and a literacy for empowerment initiative (“Your Story”) to engage mothers in the early education of their children. 

This project is implemented by the Roma Education Fund (REF). ICDI is responsible for content support to the pedagogical aspects of ‘ Ready Set Go!’ 

‘Ready Set Go!’ is funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the framework of the RO 25 Poverty Alleviation Programme in Romania and is being managed by REF Romania, with technical support from the World Bank, Romania.