ICDI’s book on culturization of early childhood education published in Russia

ICDI’s recent publication ‘The Culturization of Early Childhood Education: the well-being and healthy development of young boys and girls’ has now been published in Russia by the leading educational publishing house Mosaic in Moscow – www.msbook.ru. The book’s main argument is that ECD should focus on children in their capacity as producers, participants, critics and enjoyers of culture, rather than as academic learners at ever earlier ages. The irony is that the majority of children, young people, parents and teachers -wherever they are- agree, but feel almost powerless by the pressure put on them by educational ministries and national educational policies.

The book will be widely distributed among ECD workers -teachers, policy makers and researchers- throughout the Federation and the other countries in the region that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. The works builds on a decade-long collaboration between The World  Bank Moscow and ICDI. Authors of the book are Nico van Oudenhoven and Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven. 

You can order a copy in Englsih, which cost 20 euro including shipping costs, by sending an email to icdi@icdi.nl