Let Afghan Girls Learn

We stand together with girls in Afghanistan and around the world fighting for their rights.

On March 23, girls in Afghanistan returned full of hopes and dreams to their secondary schools in hopes of resuming their education. Girls have been banned from school beyond primary education in the country ever since August 2021. Sadly, the morning ended in tears, disappointment, and anger when the Taliban went back on their promise to allow them back in.

Girls’ education strengthens economies and reduces inequality. It contributes to more stableresilient societies that give all individuals – including boys and men – the opportunity to fulfil their potential. The entire world benefits from girls’ education. Girls who receive an education are less likely to marry young and more likely to lead healthy, productive lives.

At ICDI we are promoting girls’ education through our project ‘Education Matters, now more than ever´. This project aims to ensure that adolescent girls attend and complete primary and secondary education. Building on the success of two projects, Education Matters (2015-2017) and Education Matters More (2019-2020), which have directly reached and changed the lives of over 6.000 girls and their communities.