Making the first 1000 days count!

Next week ICDI’s newest project ‘Making the first 1000 days count!’ will be launched in Debrebirhan, Ethiopia. With our local partner, Education for Sustainable Development, we have developed an integrated community based health and parenting model which puts the focus on the nurturing care of babies and toddlers

During the week ICDI’s Giulia Cortellesi and Margaret Kernan, along with Aemiro Mussie from ESD will be presenting the plans for the initiative with government representatives from three different departments. We will also be discussing the research informing the interventions with local community representatives from the 10 communities where the model will be put into practice. During the visit, ESD and ICDI will be co-facilitating workshops on infant mental health and responsive parenting. Another important part of the workshop, will be on how to set up local community Early Childhood Development Committees.  

This project is funded by Stichting Dioraphte