Meet Our New Volunteers – ‘From Waste to Work Project’!

In April, we welcomed Patrick and Hannah as Research and Learning (R&L) volunteers to join the Waste to Work (W2W) project team! They are now working closely with our local consultant, Barret Kamunzu, to document and enhance the learning process of the W2W project.

Their roles are dynamic and hands-on. Patrick and Hannah will be involved in day-to-day project activities, offering real-time updates during meetings, and ensuring smooth logistics for our learning spaces at the primary actor level. They will also be contributing to our regular W2W R&L forums, sharing insights on best practices, innovations, and project knowledge with our Consortium Partners.

On April 5th, Barret Kamunzu conducted their induction at the VSO Kenya offices, officially welcoming them to our project and outlining their responsibilities. We look forward to their positive fresh perspectives and we invite you to learn a bit more about them:  

Hannah is a financial analyst specializing in research, learning, and project management. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Development Finance at KCA University. With four years of experience in project management and research for humanitarian organizations like VSO Kenya, RTI International, CARE Kenya, and the Green Belt Movement, Hannah is passionate about sharing knowledge and supporting others in understanding complex concepts.

How was Hannah as a child?

From a young age, she excelled in Mathematics and English and aspired to become a lecturer. Although this dream hasn’t been realized, she finds fulfilment in training sessions and research.

What motivates Hannah to become a volunteer?

“This R&L volunteer role is particularly important to me as it will enable me to contribute towards improving the livelihoods of the youth through the learnings I will document. It is also providing me with a learning platform on how different processes, in this instance, proper waste management, can lead to improved livelihoods. Consequently, I get a hands-on experience in development research, improving my research skills.”

Patrick Magara

Born, raised, and educated in Nairobi, Patrick is a passionate advocate for the vulnerable and strives to improve their quality of life. With a background in Catholic missionary work across Kenya, Uganda, Peru, and South Sudan, Patrick has dedicated himself to supporting marginalized communities. Transitioning out of his missionary work, he now serves as a social development practitioner and volunteer, primarily with VSO, undertaking diverse roles in volunteering.

His journey began with a volunteer placement in Papua New Guinea, igniting his commitment to community service.

How was Patrick as a child?

When he was a child he greatly admired the work of the Comboni Missionaries who served the urban poor living in the informal settlements in Kariobangi, a suburb in the eastern part of Nairobi. He wanted to be like them.

Why does Patrick think it’s important to support the learning process in the W2W project?

“There is a need to reflect collectively and continuously on the progress and impact of the project. We need to see how responsive the project is: understand, prove and improve, replicate or scale it. The learning process will be also a great opportunity for the young green entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises to sustainability: look at what can work best and how it works best.”

We are confident that Patrick and Hannah’s contributions will make a difference in the W2W project. Their expertise and enthusiasm bring new energy to our efforts in sustainable waste management. Welcome to the team!