NEWS: Final conference of the ‘Foundations for the Future’ project, Palestine

Growing up in Palestine is a tough game to play for children. The occupation Children in Palestine are growing up in what can only be characterized as violent circumstances.

In some ten villages in the West Bank as well in the Shu’fat Refugee Camp in Jerusalem, The Early Childhood and Family Development Trust, together with ICDI, has been working with local committees, staff of pre-schools, mothers and so-called para-professionals in creating healthy environments that somehow provides a shield against the institutionalised and systemic injustice, inequality and violence that surrounds these young boys and girls.

One beautiful initiative, called the ‘Gardens of Eve’, and that is gaining momentum, is bringing these kids in closer contact with nature, both in their daily lives at home and at preschool. They are being engaged in such things as taking care of plants, collecting seeds, conserving water and recycling and using old materials. ‘Girls Clubs for the Environment’ are being set up and it’s a joy to see the girls going about things.