NEWS: How can Ethiopian girls stay in school?

How to make it through school for girls in Ethiopia? Our latest report says: not getting married, not being too poor, not getting sexual harassed on the way to school, not being abducted; and the opinion of the mother is also important.

Report: ‘Most girls in my village are married before 18’

This report presents findings and recommendations from a fieldstudy that took place in four rural districts in the Ethiopian Regional State of Amhara. The study is part of a project jointly implemented by ICDI and two Ethiopian organisations, ESD and HIWOT, that aims to support girls to complete successfully their education. The research was focused on the obstacles to girls’ education, with emphasis on the reasons for girls’ school dropout.The findings and recommendations can contribute to innovative strategies to prevent early marriage and other problems Ethiopian girls are facing.

You can click on this link to read the full report.
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