Online Course Together Old and young: An Intergenerational Approach

Last week was the filming of video lectures for the online course: ‘Together Old and Young: An Intergenerational Approach‘. This course will contain five modules:

1) Young and old learning together;

2) Intergenerational learning for social inclusion;

3) How to organize and intergenerational programme;

4) Monitoring intergenerational learning quality;

5) Making intergenerational learning last.

This course will be freely available online from Autumn 2018. We are also busy recruiting practitioners from early childhood education and care and the social care sectors to participating in testing the Together Old and Young online course. If you would like more information about the Together Old and Young online course, please contact us: or

About Intergenerational Learning

Intergenerational Learning (IGL) involving the youngest and oldest members of our society is not a strategy or approach formally recognized and validated in adult education, nor in training of professionals working with these age groups.

IGL is not yet part of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC), elderly care services and community work, which results in many missed opportunities to improve social cohesion, solidarity, active and healthy ageing, positive development of children, and intergenerational dialogue.

The TOY Programme aims to bring Intergenerational Learning to a global scale.