ICDI's organizational policies

Here below you can download our organizational policies:

Child protection policy

When working with children and youth it is very important to follow ethical guidelines based on the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (ICRC). People working for and with ICDI are required to sign this policy.

Complaints policy

Beneficiaries of our work, including children, youth and their caregivers, should be able to file complaints if they feel this is warranted. This document outlines how such complaints can be made and which steps should be taken.

Anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy

ICDI sometimes works in difficult circumstances. It is very important that we and our partner organizations uphold the highest standards when it comes to use of finances and power. Organizations working with us are required to sign the policies as outlined in this document.

Sanction policy

Despite all efforts to prevent transgressions, we are sometimes forced to apply this policy.

Code of ethics

NGOs have the responsibility to dedicate themselves for the sake of others and do so according to the highest code of ethical conduct. This code is a set of fundamental principles, operational principles, and standards to guide the actions and management of non-governmental organizations.