Migration often involves the separation of families and changed roles within families. It can be a traumatic experience that affects children and mothers’ sense of well-being. Moreover, severe post-migration living difficulties such as delays in processing refugee applications, obstacles to employment, racial discrimination, and loneliness, can contribute to long term difficulties in emotional dimension and the social inclusion of these people in the host contexts.

The BONDS project intends to design and develop specific training/education programme for immigrant mothers and children, focusing on the acquisition of key competences and soft skills for social inclusion and well-being through the methodology of Collaborative Comics Storytelling.

ICDI will be involved in the development of the educational model and evaluation framework as well as organize informative workshops about innovative training and education practices for immigrants’ social inclusion and well-being.



Four main activities will be realized in order to achieve the project objectives:

  • a preliminary survey for defining the main contextual factors that in the host community affect emotional/knowledge dimension of immigrant women and children and hinder their social inclusion;
  • educational workshops and seminars for women and children for letting them acquire key competences for social inclusion and well-being;
  • evaluation of the educational programme at European level so to define its effectiveness and impact;
  • realization of a specific framework for organizations working with immigrants as well as policy makers, aimed at developing training models which address the needs of immigrants.

Facts and figures


Comicdom Press – Greece (main applicant)

TUCEP – Italy

Associazione Arci Comitato Provinciale di Siena – Italy

European University Cyprus – Cyprus

Asociacion Cultural Euroaccion Murcia – Spain

Asociación Columbares – Spain

Institut IVIZ – Slovenia


Erasmus Plus

Project Manager

Rutger van Oudenhoven