Building civil society

This project improved the situation of children in residential care institutions in Bulgaria.

More than 1000 children from 14 institutions in Gabrovo, Stara Zagora and Sliven were reached by the project activities. More than 140 of their care givers and educators improved their qualifications and acquired new skills; this professional upgrade resulted in improved services for children, mostly in the stimulating their life skills to cope with difficult situations.


The following results were achieved:

Over 1000 children in fourteen institutions experience a strong improvement in psychosocial well-being and future prospects.

A Core Group of Qualified Trainers was formed: 28 professionals  trained care givers and participated in the creation and upgrade of the resource materials.

Care Givers: 112 staff members from fourteen institutions were (re-)trained within this project. Their general qualifications was improved, their networks – expanded and their abilities to stimulate the development of children’s life skills – strengthened.

Resource materials: a solid set of information materials and examples of good practice from Bulgaria, the Netherlands and elsewhere was developed and shared widely.

Facts and figures


Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation


MATRA Projects Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

Project Manager

Iordan Iossifov