Bullying Out of Schools, Europe

How to deal with bullying? Ask the child!

Bullying in schools happens everywhere. Although children are always affected their perspective is rarely present in anti-bullying programmes.

ICDI is the Dutch partner in a project focused on early intervention and prevention of bullying. It is as a collaboration of a consortium consisting of seven members and led by the Bulgarian Animus Association. The official name of the project is Introducing Participatory And Child-Centered Approach For Early Identification And Prevention Of Bullying In School Setting In 7 EU Countries.

The overall objective of this project is to involve children in preventing bullying and in creating a safe environment at school in a participatory and empowering way. The project addresses bullying at many levels: individual, school, local community. It targets children together with their teachers, as well as child-care workers and policy makers.

The project aims to support anti-bullying programmes by strengthening a child-centered approach in 7 EU countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.


The project consist of four components.

First, it creates an enabling environment for school children (aged 7-16). Children express their views and experiences of bullying and enable the adults to see bullying through their eyes.

Second, a child-centered methodology is developed to build teachers’ capacity to respond timely to bullying.

School authorities and child-protection system social workers and other professionals are also involved. Victims and perpetrators of bullying will be supported directly.

Lobbying activities for a child-centered approach in designing and applying anti-bullying polices and prevention programs will take place.

Target groups

480 school children aged 7-16 will participate.

120 child victims/perpetrators and their parents (160) will be supported through community based interventions;

400 teachers will be involved in capacity building training;

10.500 parents will be targeted with information materials on early signs of bullying.

A book with children’s visual materials on bullying will be published, as well as a teachers’ manual and leaflet for parents.

ICDI is responsible for activities in The Netherlands.

Facts and figures


Animus Association (lead applicant from Bulgaria)


Daphne programme of the European Union

Project Manager

Rutger van Oudenhoven