Children and youth as builders of civil society, Romania

Completed in December 2008, over a period of three and a half years, this  project sought to empower children and youth by building the leadership skills of staff of youth-oriented NGOs, teachers and departmental staff of the Ministry of Education.

Through various trainings we have increased the knowledge of democratic processes and the capacity to provide life skills education to children and youth. Over 160 people have been trained in life skills education by a group of expert National Trainers. The trainees have had the opportunity to develop mini-projects, targeting over 850 young people and children directly.


Main achievements were:

  • The 17 Master Trainers trained over 160 staff members from youth NGOs on strengthening partnerships between civil society and public institutions, and on participatory teaching methods and life skills.
  • 49 youth NGOs implemented short-term educational projects with children and young people, putting into practice what they learned during their training. Projects were aimed at, among others, children with disabilities and learning problems, children from minority backgrounds, children with HIV/Aids, children in prison, and children who were left behind by parents moving abroad.  Around a 1000 children have participated directly in these initiatives.
  • The project was presented at a two National Conferences in which an average of 200 representatives of the media, government, NGOs and the Dutch embassy took part.
  • The Ministry of Education has accredited the life skills course, making it an official part of the national school curriculum. This is a major success and should have a lasting impact on Romanian children.

Facts and figures


Civil Society Development Foundation


MATRA Projects Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

Project Manager

Rutger van Oudenhoven / Iordan Iossifov