ChiLdren’s rights Awareness and Participation (CL.A.P.)

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, but the toughest impact has been suffered by children, particularly those who already lived in a situation of disadvantage. The pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing inequalities: school closures resulted in children missing out a reliable source of nutrition, social distancing measures also affected formal care arrangements, education, and leisure services. There is a strong correlation between social exclusion of children and the lack of access to key services. Children’s participation in COVID-19 related decision-making has been very limited. 


The CLAP project aims to contribute to increase the fulfilment and the awareness on the rights of the child in the European society, through actions that put forward the EU Strategy on the rights of the Child and enhance children’s participation mechanisms in identifying emerging needs and overcome the negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

By promoting the engagement of children in decision-making processes and raising awareness on children’s rights, the project supports the active role of children as political subjects, promoting their involvement in overcoming the impact of the pandemic. The project connects 4 countries in the EU: Italy, Romania, Spain and The Netherlands.


A synergic transnational partnership committed in protect and promote the children’s rights in the European society will be established.

With the active involvement of children and operators, a research process will be developed, using creative methods to assess the children’s emerging needs in the pandemic situation, identifying activities and services mostly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Capacities building of the operators based in Italy, Romania and Spain, to proactively promote children’s rights and children’s participation, increasing their awareness about children’s needs.

Children’s opportunities to take part to the decision-making process will be increased and, as well as their participation as active political subjects, to guarantee the launch of a durable mechanism of consultation used by local public authorities.

During the project, various methodologies will be used, including: child-led research (introduced by ICDI), educational theater and other creative methods and child-friendly activities.

Expected results

A protocol for children’s consultation mechanism is signed by the local public authorities

  • 435 children (50% girls) will be involved in project activities
  • 210 educators in child-related services will be trained and involved
  • 30 children-addressed services will be reached
  • 30 local institutions and public bodies representatives will be reached.

The final public events will involve 300 people 

Facts and figures


CISS – International South South Cooperation (Italy)

AHEAD – Association of Human Rights Educators (Spain)

Imago Mundi (Romania)

Replika Centre for Educational Theatre (Romania)

I Sicaliani (Italy)

ICDI – International Child Development Initiatives (Netherlands)


EU, through its Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Programme

Project Manager

Sarah de Vos

Mariana Palazuelos