Keeping Youth Away from Crime

ICDI was one of six organizations involved in this 2-year project.  The Overall Objective was to improve the welfare and social inclusion of children and young people at risk,  in particular those who have come in contact with the juvenile justice system.


In the project research was conducted to identify good practices in preventive projects and programmes in the different European countries, to ensure that children and young people don’t become regular offenders in the juvenile justice system.

In the three Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) pilot projects were conducted on the basis of best practices from the other countries. The impact of these pilots was in general positive, and should lead to new, more preventive approaches with regards to juvenile justice in these countries.

ICDI’s role was to research and showcase best practices from The Netherlands.

The project was coordinated by the Latvian Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS. Project activities were implemented by partners in six different European countries: Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Scotland.

Facts and figures


PROVIDUS, Latvia (lead applicant)


Daphne programme of the European Union

Project Manager

Mathijs Euwema