Young Child Rights Advocates

In the Young Child Rights Advocates project seven young child rights advocates living in economically, politically and socially deprived environments, were invited for an exchange and study visit to the Netherlands in 2011. All candidates had been actively campaigning for the rights of children in their countries.

During the visit they attended a 2-day seminar in project management and child rights, developed a solid project proposal, generatde media attention for the issues they are fighting for and met other youngsters, policy makers and experts in the field of child rights.


The aim of this project was to unite young heroes and to give them the chance to extend their networks, learn from each other and experts, validate their work and efforts, cross borders and overcome barriers.

This way, children from economically, politically or socially deprived areas of the world will be given the possibility to voice their problems and a platform to promote their ideals.

The visit to The Netherlands was very inspiring for the seven young child right advocates that came from uit Palestine, Pakistan, Peru, Guatamala, Liberia, Ethiopia and Zambia.

During their visit they met Dutch youth activists, meber of parliament, repersentatives of other child rights organizations and gave a persentation to a wider audience on their work.

They also developed small projects that promoted children’s rights to implement once they were back home again.

Facts and figures


Ministerie van VWS & Stichting Utopa

Project Manager

Rutger van Oudenhoven