Promising practices on family strengthening in Cambodia: a report by ICDI

ICDI recently completed a collection of promising practices in family strengthening interventions in Cambodia.

This “promising practices” review was undertaken by ICDI to support the identification of examples of Family Care First|REACT program interventions and approaches that are working well.

The purpose is to catalyse discussions within FCF|REACT working groups on how to build upon these promising practices and continuously improve programming, as well as to promote the work of FCF|REACT nationally, regionally and globally.

Family Care First|REACT, facilitated by Save the Children, is a multi-donor supported network of organizations working together to support children in Cambodia to live in safe, nurturing family-based care. FCF|REACT works collaboratively with the government, local and international NGOs, academic institutions and UN agencies, to promote and strengthen family-based care. With approximately 60 member organizations, FCF|REACT is working to prevent children from being separated from their families and increase the number of children that are safely and successfully integrated into family care.