Quote of the day: linking and learning event on child marriage in Bangkok

Jayanta Kar, The Hunger Project, Bangladesh.

” A big revelation for me at this mornings session was discovering that extreme stress of a mother can affect the development of her baby in the womb. Also after what I learned today about how babies learn in the first two years of life I have a new view about how I am fathering my two children aged one and three.”

Basonti Lata Das, Dalit NGO, Bangladesh

“Going out this afternoon and discovering Bangkok with all the colleagues from different countries was wonderful. Everything was new for me, the sights, the food, the temples. Normally at the meetings I go to, we have to stay indoors in the hotel all the time. This is different and it is great.”

This week, worldwide partners within the HER CHOICE programme – creating child marriage-free communities – meet in Bangkok. ICDI organizes a five day linking and learning event to bring professionals together to build relationships, develop strategies and to learn skills in developing psychological well-being of children growing up in these difficult circumstances. 

Linking & learning forms an important element of the HER CHOICE programme. The members of the HER CHOICE alliance all have their own fields of expertise. By working as an alliance they complement each other. Activities to promote linking and learning are organized at local, national and international levels. In order to share knowledge, experience and lessons learnt and to widen support networks. For more information about the HER CHOICE-programme, click here.