Righting the Future: Keeping Girls in School in Uganda and Kenya

Since 2013, ICDI has been implementing a pilot project to make secondary education more available for girls in Kenya and Uganda. Many adolescent girls drop out of school due to a number of socio-economic reasons. The innovative feature of this project is its focus on collaboration and capacity building between partners from India and Africa.

Activities in the project included mobilizing communities, raising awareness, creating committees of interested local people to monitor out-of-school girls and –most importantly- setting up bridge schools to enable girls who have dropped out on account of teenage pregnancy or early marriage, to have a second chance at completing their education. 

The project has achieved the following:

  • Over 1800 girls have been mainstreamed into formal education;
  • Nearly 10,000 households have been tracked to collect information on girls;
  • 95 training sessions have been held with a varied group of people and on a range of topics;
  • 72 local institutions are actively involved in the project and support it in a variety of ways;
  • Local youth have produced 33 videos on obstacles to girls’ education and recorded motivational experiences on overcoming hurdles. These have been shared with the communities.