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    The CYBERSAFE approach is an innovative, evidence-based educational prevention programme, which promotes safe, responsible online behaviour among boys and girls. […]

  • Child-led research

    Child-led research

    The Child-led research approach is intended for facilitators who will support and mentor child researchers. Children have long been the […]

  • TOY4Inclusion – Play Hubs

    TOY4Inclusion – Play Hubs

    TOY for Inclusion – Play Hub Approach is the gateway to education and care for many children of disadvantaged communities. […]

  • TOY for Quality Programme

    TOY for Quality Programme

    The TOY for Quality Programme is created for use by practitioners and organisations engaged in any stage of planning or […]

  • TOY Online Course

    TOY Online Course

    “TOY – Together Old and Young: An Intergenerational Approach” is a free online course offered in English, consisting of four […]

  • QUAT – QUality Assessment Tool

    QUAT – QUality Assessment Tool

    The QUAT – Quality Assessment Tool is a free and accessible tool for practitioners, parents, and communities to jointly measure […]

  • UPSI-5


    The Universal Psychosocial Indicator for 5 year old Boys and Girls (UPSI-5) is an easy to use tool to measure the psychosocial well-being of young children.