The TOY for Inclusion approach in Poland: PRO-FIL visits ICDI’s offices!

In a remarkable leap towards advancing inclusive education and nurturing collaboration, the PRO-FIL Foundation, paid a visit to our office in Leiden. This visit marked a significant and exciting moment as we delved into pathways for collaboration, fostering a warm and fruitful exchange of knowledge and expertise. Together, we explored the impact of our TOY for Inclusion approach and its potential to transform the landscape of inclusive education. During this visit, we had the wonderful opportunity to interview PRO-FIL, gaining valuable insights into their organisation and their ideas on the implementation of TOY for Inclusion in Poland. This enriching experience further solidified our shared commitment to creating a more inclusive and vibrant future for all children.

Welcome PRO-FIL to ICDI and thank you for your collaboration and commitment to children’s lives and well-being. Can you tell us a bit about your organisation?

PRO-FIL: Since our inception, we have been helping people of all ages develop their potential and supporting them to overcome various challenges. Together, we learn how to take care of physical and mental health, as well as build resilience. We implement numerous initiatives aimed at social activation of diverse social groups.

PRO-FIL Social Psychoprophylaxis Foundation is created by passionate people. Based on our passion, we bring together specialists in the field of mental health – the main core of our mission is based on supporting this area in all those in need. Most of our activities are aimed at supporting children and young people, especially those who are excluded or at risk of social exclusion.

What inspired your organisation to become involved in TOY for Inclusion?

PRO-FIL: Our organisation conducts many activities in the field of psycho-prevention and social inclusion, whose beneficiaries are children and their parents/legal guardians. The assumptions of the TOY for Inclusion initiative coincide with what we do every day in our mission: activities for children and young people, including those at risk of social exclusion, pathologies, addictions.

 Our projects include integration activities, psychoprophylaxis, psychological support organised in various forms, including:

– Support for mothers and young children by providing quality care and support for refugee families, regular classes for children, training of caregivers to work in Spynki – places of care and education for the youngest children, we create places of daycare and education for children [SPYNKA programme].

Individual psychological and psychotherapeutic support targeting refugees. Support will be directed to school children and adolescents aged 5-18 as well as adults. Psycho-educational group workshops will be directed to school-aged children (5-18 years old) and include both refugees and Poles, achieving the integrative aspect of the implemented support [Project: Mobile Protection Hub].

Preventive activities (psychoactive drugs, alcohol, Internet, cell phones). Activities aimed directly at elementary school children, educational staff, parents [Preventive activities, emergency support].

Can you provide an overview of your organisation’s involvement in TOY for Inclusion (so far)?

PRO-FIL: During our activities for children and youth, our organisation has developed its own standards for conducting support, especially marginalised children and youth in need of support. Through our activities with children and young people:

– We know the needs, barriers, and expectations of this group. We have the know-how to support children and their parents as well as a premise at the disposal of our partners.

– We have a wide network of partners (local authorities, educational institutions, associations and organisations working for the benefit of children and adolescents, refugees, and marginalised groups)

– We implement our support in urban centres, but our main focus is on smaller towns and rural areas (marginalised areas with limited access to support).

– We have experienced and trained psychological, psychotherapeutic, training and coaching staff (from Poland and Ukraine)

All activities of the PRO-FIL Foundation are carried out on the basis of a developed and implemented system of procedures that guarantee a high level of services, safety of the beneficiaries and our staff.

What are the key objectives or goals that your organisation aims to achieve through TOY for Inclusion?

PRO-FIL: First, expand the offer for the youngest children and reaching inaccessible areas through the implementation of mobile forms of support (Mobile Play Hubs). We also want to exchange knowledge and experience with new and experienced partners. In addition, we want to continue implementing good practices. And finally, we want to increasing the scale of our activities.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your organisation’s involvement in TOY for Inclusion?

PRO-FIL: Our organisation in TOY for Inclusion brings our know-how and experience in providing support to children and youth. We have effective methods of working with children from different socially marginalised and disadvantaged groups. The solutions we have developed are based on research and experience. We will be happy to share our results, conclusions, and adopted solutions.

We look forward to the positive and transformative impact of this collaboration, as we strive together to build a world where every child’s right to inclusive education is realised and celebrated.