TOY4Inclusion – Play Hubs

TOY for Inclusion – Play Hub Approach is the gateway to education and care for many children of disadvantaged communities.

High-quality Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) is an essential foundation for all children’s successful lifelong learning, social integration, and later employability. Disparities in access to quality education and increasing segregation in schools start at a young age. The TOY for Inclusion approach is an effective means of creating community-based ECEC initiatives that improve access to ECEC for all marginalized young children, their transition to formal education, and the capacity of their parents and professionals.

TOY for Inclusion aims to improve the transition experience of vulnerable children, especially those with a Roma, minority, or migrant background, to schools. It does so by creating community-based Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Play Hubs, where relationships between young children and families from different backgrounds are built. They are located in areas that are reachable for all families and are designed and run by multi-sectoral teams composed of representatives of communities, school and preschool teachers, health services, parents, and local authorities (Local Action Team).

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