TOY-PLUS: an exciting new project on intergenerational learning!

We are delighted to announce our new project ‘TOY-PLUS: Professional Learning Upscaling Skills’ which will kick off in November 2016 and will be funded by the Erasmus Plus Dutch National Agency.

TOY-PLUS is the natural follow-up of all the research and practice carried out during the past four years by TOY (Together Old and Young) and its partners. We identified the lack of training opportunities and adequate knowledge of intergenerational learning principles among practitioners as a major gap to ensure the implementation of meaningful and quality intergenerational experiences between young children and older people.

With TOY-PLUS, we aim at closing this gap through the development of a free online professional development course (MOOC), which will be piloted in Italy, Ireland, UK, Spain and Slovenia.

Starting from Autumn 2018, the TOY-PLUS curriculum will be available to ECEC and social care practitioners from around the world!

As coordinator of the TOY-PLUS project, Netherlands, we in ICDI would like to introduce you our partners in this new adventure:

The Beth Johnson Foundation (UK) and Linking Generation Northern IrelandDublin Institute of Technology(Ireland), Developmental Research Center for Pedagogical Initiatives Step by Step – DRCPI SBS  (Slovenia), Azienda Speciale ReteSalute (Italy), Hellenic Open University (Greece), Municipality of Lleida (Spain).