Training local partners in Ethiopia for research psychosocial well-being of young children

ICDI’s Giulia Cortellesi and Margaret Kernan were in Ethiopia last week training local data collectors for the UPSI-5 Global Action Research Project.

This project, funded by Dioraphte, aims to improve the psychosocial well-being of young children, with an emphasis on those growing up in difficult circumstances. 

ICDI has developed the UPSI-5 (Universal Psycho-Social Indicator for Five-Year-Old Boys and Girls), a simple, quick-to-administer, and thoroughly-tested tool, to measure the psychosocial functioning of large groups of five-year-old children. It can be used to track changes about children’s psychosocial well-being over time; to make comparisons among groups (e.g. rural versus urban populations); and to inform early childhood policies and services on a national, regional and local level.

Working with Education for Sustainable Development, our local partner in Ethiopia, we also adapted the ECD-QUAT for Ethiopia as this tool will be used in the pilot actions which are part of the this project.