Training of Trainers ‘Fostering Resilience in Young People in Times of Adversity Toolkit’ by ICDI

Last week, ICDI delivered a half-day Training of Trainers on the newly developed ‘Fostering Resilience in Young People in Times of Adversity’ Toolkit for Kinderpostzegels (KPZ) staff.

The Fostering Resilience in Young People in Times of Adversity Toolkit was developed by ICDI, commissioned by KPZ, and covers information about resilience in children and young people. Specifically, the Toolkit focuses on how resilience can be fostered within themselves, their families, and the communities in which they live. The Toolkit includes 36 resilience-building activities based on key attributes of resilience: social competence, problem-solving skills, self-efficacy, a sense of agency and responsibility, a sense of purpose, prosocial values, emotional awareness, effective coping skills, and positive self-regard. Part of the activities has already been piloted in different countries, with positive and encouraging feedback received from the facilitators, children, and young people.

The Training of Trainers focused on the following:

  • An overview of the basic concepts around resilience in children and young people and the fundamental components that promote resilience.
  • Guidelines to build resilience within a broader range of interventions.
  • Activities to foster resilience in children, young people, their families, and communities.

The staff at KPZ tried out two activities from the Toolkit to become familiar with it, enabling them to guide their partners in using the Toolkit effectively. Throughout the ToT, they showed enthusiasm and eagerness to implement this Toolkit with their partner organisations. This led to lively discussions regarding the practical implementation of resilience and the Toolkit in different parts of the world. Some practicalities discussed were the availability of resources, knowledge of terms and translations in local languages, and cultural differences in community and family relationships.