Training on New ‘Meaningful Youth Participation Toolkit’ by ICDI and DCI

ICDI and DCI recently had the pleasure of facilitating a training session for KPZ on the newly developed Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) Toolkit. This toolkit, a collaborative effort between ICDI and DCI, was specifically commissioned by KPZ to enhance child and young people engagement within the organisation and its global partner network.

The training focused on guiding participants through the various components of the toolkit, which is divided into two parts: a brief theoretical background on MYP and a collection of activities designed to promote the meaningful participation of children and young people at both organisational and project levels. Our goal was to ensure that all participants could navigate the toolkit effectively and make the most of its resources.

Representatives from each KPZ country team engaged in a debriefing session to discuss key aspects that facilitate the use of the Toolkit and the implementation of MYP, followed by testing some of the activities from the toolkit. Discussions during the training brought forth important topics such as the purpose of the toolkit for KPZ, the need for inclusion in MYP, and the adaptation of the activity cards to meet the diverse needs of children and young people across different contexts. One of the main takeaways from the training was the shared understanding that MYP is a child’s right but it also significantly enhances the quality of programmes and organisational work. The participants were active and engaged, demonstrating their commitment to integrating MYP into their efforts and lives.