Tribute to the pioneers of early childhood education

The healthy development of a child in her first years is the essential foundation for her future well-balanced and happy growth.

The recent publication of the article “Reflections of pioneers in early childhood education research on their collaboration with practitioners in the development of theories and innovative practices” by Elly Singer and Sandie Wong reminded us that we owe a lot to that first generation of researchers and academics who, all around the world, specialized in early childhood education and care in the 1960s and 1970s.

It is thanks to them, and their research undertaken in close collaboration with early childhood practitioners, that we today know more about providing rich, safe and nurturing environments for young children.

As the authors write: “Pedagogy is a creative activity. There is not definitive answer for ‘what must be done to achieve pedagogical goals?’ – as societies change, their values, priorities and goals are changing as well. Working collaborative with practitioners enables researchers to make valuable contributions to the science of education”.

At ICDI we are particularly proud to have one of the featured pioneers – Nico van Oudenhoven – among our founders and that one of the authors of the publication, Elly Singer is on our Committee of Recommendation.

To many more years of close collaboration between education researchers and practitioners, to the benefit of all children!