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We believe in the power of children and young people, supporting their rights and addressing the underlying causes of the problems they face.

From time to time we look for people to join our team in their efforts to achieve a happy life for all children.

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Terms of Reference: Consultancy Fundraising Strategy September 2018

  • Introduction

International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI) is looking for a consultant to guide an internal participatory process and develop an organizational fundraising strategy. The fundraising strategy provides practical guidance and concrete, realistic fundraising goals.  We are looking for a consultant that understands the challenges in fundraising for small, expert organizations, bring expertise and experience in fundraising for international development programmes, have good insight in Dutch and international fundraising opportunities, strategic capacity and people’s skills.

  • Background for this assignment

For most of its income ICDI relies on project-based fundraising. Although ICDI currently maintains a healthy annual budget of approximately 1,2 million Euro’s, we foresee a need to tap into a wider variety of funding opportunities and diversify our fundraising strategies to ensure sufficient financial means for the years to come. An internal fundraising analysis has been carried out to identify the key bottlenecks and risks in our current fundraising approach, including capacity gaps. We are now looking for external support to translate this analysis into a fundraising strategy, that gives practical guidance in the steps we need to take as an organization to make sure we can continue to support children’s development in the short and long-term future. 

  • Assignment

The proposed assignment consists of the following tasks and deliverables, which will be further discussed and work out in consultation with the consultant.  


-Familiarize with ICDIs way of working, capacity of staff members, budgets, fundraising approach and analysis of current risks/bottlenecks

-Develop a detailed workplan/approach for this assignment in consultation with the ICDI Director. The workplan/approach will include a participatory strategic process with staff members to provide input into the fundraising strategy

-Develop an outline for fundraising strategy in consultation with ICDI Director

-Develop and write fundraising strategy according to the agreed workplan and outline


-Agreed outline for fundraising strategy
-Fundraising strategy*

*The strategy is developed in consultation with ICDI staff members and the final product is supported by the ICDI team.

Personal qualities and skills

We are looking for a consultant with proven experience and expertise in fundraising for international development programmes and skills in facilitating strategic processes. The consultancy requires the following skills and qualities:

-High level of knowledge on the donor landscape in the Netherlands and internationally, particularly related to children’s programmes 
-Knowledge on and experience with different fundraising strategies
-Knowledge on marketing and partnership development
-Experience with and knowledge on working with small, thematic expert organisations
-Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
-Good listener
-Strategic thinker
- Excellent facilitation skills
- Excellent writing skills

We expect the consultant to fulfill the assignment in no more than 10 working days. In your offer please indicate an expected daily fee (VAT included).


Interested consultants can contact Mathijs Euwema at . Please include in your email a motivation letter, cv and short outline on how you would approach the assignment. 

Deadline for submission: 10 October 2018.