Walk with us: March for Climate & Justice – 12 November 2023

The Climate Crisis is a Children’s Crisis

Almost every child on the planet faces risks such as flooding, heat waves, tropical storms, drought, air pollution and disease caused by climate change. Approximately 1 billion children, which is almost half of the world’s 2.2 billion children, live in the 33 countries that are classified as ‘extremely high risk’.

Children are particularly susceptible to the impacts of climate change. Their developing lungs make them more vulnerable to air pollution. More than 1 in 4 deaths of children under 5 are linked to polluted environments. Their smaller size and weight increase their risk during floods and storms. Additionally, millions of children’s education is disrupted annually due to climate-related school closures.

Children deserve a future in which they can thrive, and it is the duty of current generations, including governments, to ensure this. This is why ICDI is joining the March for Climate & Justice in Amsterdam on 12th November.

Will you join us on the March for Climate & Justice on Sunday, 12th November? Politicians need to take action! That’s why ICDI is joining the March for Climate & Justice to make ourselves heard on behalf of children worldwide in this climate crisis.

Starting from De Dam in Amsterdam and together with SOS Childrens Villages, Save the Children Netherlands, Defence for Children Netherlands, and Liliane Fonds, Right to Play and others, we will form Children’s Block under the banner De Klimaatcrisis is een Kindercrisis.

Would you also like to make your voice heard? Join us in the Children’s Block. Children of all ages are particularly welcome!

By collectively raising our voices, we can ensure that politicians pay attention to us.

We will gather at 12.30 on Dam Square near the Krasnapolski hotel. The Children’s Block can be recognized by Gerda the (inflatable) Giraffe.