A happy life for all children

International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI) is a knowledge organization in psychosocial development of children and young people growing up in difficult circumstances. ICDI believes in the power of children and young people, supporting their rights and addressing the underlying causes of the problems they face.

We aim to improve policies and practices by building the skills of: children, mothers, fathers, families, communities, local organizations, and authorities. ICDI also works with and for bigger international children's rights organizations, supporting knowledge transfer through training, research, and advice.

From Nepal to Nicaragua, and from Kiev to Katwijk, our dream is ‘a happy life for all children’. Serious and sincere, academic and practical, small and with major impact, ICDI has been promoting psychosocial well-being of children and young people for more than twenty-five years.

Find an example of what we do in this short video.

Our staff

We are a small but dedicated group of professionals with academic backgrounds in the social sciences. Our organization consists of people with extensive experience in child and youth related issues. We work on two themes: Early Years (0-8 years) and Children and Youth (8-21 years). The salaries of ICDI staff (including the director) are based on the collective employment agreement for Dutch universities.

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