Asia Koerten


Asia has a master's degree in Japanese language and culture but over the years has developed into a Human Resources and Finance specialist.

Finances are the most ‘down-to-earth’ part of ICDI’s operations and give Asia the opportunity of insight and involvement in all of ICDI’s projects. Over the years she has gotten to know and appreciate different styles of financial administration. She works with small and large partner organizations and donors, operating in different environments and circumstances. In her position, she has been monitoring the finances of ICDI’s programs around the globe. She deals with complex bureaucratic structures, as well as shoe-box bookkeeping systems. She is involved in capacity building of the partners in relation to their financial and administrative management.

Besides finances, she is responsible for management of ICDI’s Human Resources.

For Asia, the biggest added value of working at ICDI is that it gives her an opportunity to contribute to not only administrative, but also content-related aspects. She has conducted capacity building training with partners on topics such as child and youth participation, research by children and children and nature.  

Asia moved to the Netherlands from her native Poland in 1991. She lives with her husband and her high school-aged son and daughter.


As a child, Asia loved the outdoors; climbing trees, jumping over streams, building huts, picking wild berries and mushrooms. In those days there was always a whole gang of kids playing together outside and Asia loved being part of it. She undertook secret trips to the local pet shop where she spent hours watching the guinea pigs, fish and birds on sale there. She dreamed of becoming a veterinarian or a professional dog breeder.


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