Catarina Alves

Junior Programme Manager

Catarina follows a master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychology (Leiden University). Her main topics of interest are early childhood development, the socioemotional well-being of children and young people, children’s rights, and communication for development. As a research intern at ICDI, Catarina has the opportunity to delve into her interests within a variety of different projects while developing her research skills and helping children in challenging environments.


Catarina grew up in a big family in Portugal’s countryside. She liked to perform for her family, be it singing, acting, or reciting. She was always fond of books and had the habit of having a book on her lap during lunch and dinner times. At the end of her first school day, she decided she wanted to be a teacher. She spent most of her childhood with her nose scratched because she was always trying to cuddle all the cats.