Daniela Pellicciotta


Daniela is studying a masters of Social Challenges, Policies and Interventions at Universiteit Utrecht and has a bachelor in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Melbourne. Daniela has experience working in Child Protection in Australia and is passionate about advocating for children and families, particularly high-risk young people, migrants, and victims of violence. Growing up in Australia but strongly connected to her Italian culture, Daniela developed a keen interest in the importance of cultural celebration and connection for identity, which informs her interests currently too. Since joining the team at ICDI, Daniela is excited to research and learn more about play and Early Childhood Development.

As a child

As a child, Daniela enjoyed playing with her sisters, brother and cousins at every opportunity, usually creating elaborate movies and tv shows together or visiting imaginary worlds together. Daniela loved to read, swim and go to school, and she aspired to be a teacher when she grew up. Most of all Daniela loved spending summers in Italy visiting her grandparents and aunties- spending time in her father’s childhood home, playing in the fields, cooking with her grandmother and bonding with family.