Emily Oxenaar


Emily is a master’s student in Educational Sciences, working in and with art, education and research. She has experience developing and facilitating interdisciplinary workshops and educational courses in a variety of contexts, focused on goals of child and community well-being as well as personal and professional development. Growing up bi-culturally, she developed a strong interest in the intercultural aspects of being and belonging. This has informed her research on multi-lingual children in education, her work with children in asylum seekers centres, and led her to an internship with ICDI, where she’s very excited to learn more about the world-wide variety of knowledge and practices about child development and education. 

As a child

Emily was a curious, silly, imaginative and serious child – she loved to read and imagine the lives of children growing up in different places and during different periods of time. She wrote stories and made drawings about made up characters, she loved playing dress up or make believe with her twin sister, as well as climbing trees and swimming in the ocean on the coast of Rhode Island. Her love of arts and crafts and all things creative comes from her parents, who always encouraged her to look at the world critically, curiously and with hope. She wanted to be an artist, a doctor or a teacher!