Filothei Kydoniati


Filothei is a student in the master’s programme of Parenting and Child Development at Leiden University. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Special Education and followed an annual seminar on Intercultural Education in Greece. She is currently working as a teacher at the Greek School of the Hague and doing her internship at ICDI.

During her studies, Filothei had the opportunity to participate in several volunteer programmes with maltreated children and children with disabilities aimed at social or educational support. Her participation in these programs gave her not only work experience but also the motivation to create equal educational opportunities for all children. She considers her internship at ICDI as a chance to contribute to this on a worldwide level.


Filothei was an introverted and creative child. She loved to create her own worlds through her drawings and crafts. She also loved to take care of her baby dolls, and her grandma was always pointing out how affectionate she was. When she first went to kindergarten, she was really shy, but her teacher made her feel comfortable and safe. Inspired by her, she decided to become a teacher herself.