Karolina Dabrowska  


Karolina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Loughborough University and is currently following two Master’s programs at Leiden University – Pedagogics and Child & Adolescent Psychology. She has experience working with children as an educator and is passionate about supporting their healthy mental and physical development. She is fascinated with the influence of early attachment and parenting on children’s welfare and is currently researching the predictors of adolescent well-being as part of her thesis. During her internship at ICDI, Karolina looks forward to learning more about the design and implementation of child-centered initiatives in different parts of the world.

As a child

Karolina grew up in the south of Poland. She was fascinated with books and strived to learn to read independently from a young age. Her favourite hobby was playing teacher to her younger sister which eventually evolved into a fascination with educational sciences. She had a great love for animals and tried to domesticate any that she encountered.

Karolina and play

Karolina’s most beloved toy was a stuffed bunny which she insisted on taking everywhere. Her game of choice was “hide-and-seek” as she especially enjoyed finding creative hiding spots around the house and yard.