Ketevan Sulava

Senior Programme Manager

Ketevan has master’s degree in Development Studies, with a specialisation in Conflict, Reconstruction and Human Security from the Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Ketevan has over 10 years of experience managing child and youth development and empowerment programmes, facilitating curriculum development, designing, and delivering of trainings, and fostering and nurturing strategic partnerships with governmental institutions, civil society organisations, public schools and donors in the education sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Prior to being a Programme Manager at ICDI, she worked for Save the Children in Georgia and for Aflatoun International. In this latter position, she worked with wide network of partner organisations and was responsible – among other tasks – for assisting national Ministries and NGOs across 15 countries in adapting and rolling out pre-primary and primary education curricula on life skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

Ketevan’s main areas of interest are early childhood education and care, child and youth participation and empowerment, life skills education and gender mainstreaming. Being part of the ICDI team gives her the opportunity to focus on important issues, such as: children growing up in multi-problem families; children in or from war affected areas; children in institutional or foster care; homeless children; children from marginalized minorities; children with disabilities; and so forth.

As a child

As a child Ketevan loved to play outdoors, paint, sew, and knit dresses for her dolls. She frequently organized shows for her friends to demonstrate the magic tricks she learned the day before from her grandfather. Ketevan also loved fishing with her grandfather and younger brother in the countryside of Georgia where she ran barefoot all the time. She dreamed of becoming a teacher one day and to travel the world.