Lana Škrlec


Lana is in the final stages of her Clinical Neuropsychology master's degree (Leiden University). During her studies, she has focused on learning about children's development from a biological perspective, such as the adolescent brain, Child Neuropsychology but also on children's well-being and psychological and neurobiological consequences of child abuse. She always wanted to help victims of sexual abuse; therefore, she co-organized a support group for such victims as well as workshops for students where boundaries and consent were discussed. Now, she also wants to contribute to the prevention of child abuse, and through her internship at ICDI she’ll focus on the the prevention of online sexual abuse of children

This year she started a master's program in Comparative Criminal Justice because she wanted to also have a legal perspective on the protection of victims and the prevention of sexual abuse next to her psychological perspective. 


Lana has always been very crafty and creative. As a child she always wanted to make thing at home herself, such as making a doll hospital. Next to drawing and crafting one of her big pasionss was ballet, which she has been dancing up until now. As a child she used to say that when she grows up she’ll be a painter